What a few years it has been. My last post was the end of 2013 and so much has changed. I have moved forward in a million ways and stayed the same in so many more.

Here’s a brief history of what has been happening.

So firstly the sparkling new relationship I previously mentioned has endured and we are still together. Shortly after that last post I was offered a contract to travel the UK touring with a show, I leapt from this job straight into performing in a new Arena Show!

I was pretty thrilled to be living my dream and performing in venues with thousands of seats and creating something truly amazing. Unfortunately things didn’t last and the production was pulled. Funding was cut and the journey ended. I will discus this project in more detail in a future post as I have a lot to say regarding the performance industry and don’t want to get sidetracked right now.

I then traveled to China with another production. Again this will have its own special mention shortly however, a brief summation would be that it was truly an enlightening experience. Maybe not in the most positive way…

…Or perhaps it was.

Currently I am working in London as a manager for a popular restaurant. I took some time out from performing after what was firstly a successful year but also a very difficult one. I was faced with many obstacles and had to really evaluate my position in the field I was working.

At the minute I have a few goals and a bit of a plan… but for the first time I’m pretty content. I used to write when I had been faced with misery or when I had been obnoxiously happy. As I have gotten older I have realized it is necessary for me to have an outlet for my thoughts and writing is hugely productive and a great way for me to compartmentalize my busy brain.

I used to say this was a Blog about love and at one time a Blog about heartbreak. It’s now going to be about me. My thoughts not only on love but well, everything.

I will be leaving my relationship alone for a while on here as I don’t know if its healthy to dissect something that is ongoing in this way however I will talk about life, relationships and sex in a more general way. I just re-read my last post and as heartwarming as it was it did make me cringe.

I hope you enjoy my views. If not I hope you feel something from my writing.

The opinions are coming and it can’t all be sweet as candy.


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