Travelling as a performer has many perks, the best being the people. I have worked in so many casts now and met so many people; it is hard to keep everyone’s name in my head. To date this is the smallest Show-team that I have worked with however; by some small miracle they are just right.

As I transition into my new single life as a born again traveller I feel blessed to have such an intimate and tirelessly hardworking group of people around me. As a group we strive to learn from each other and grow as people. We all understand that our current contract is not one that will peak our CV, it has a more important purpose. It is an opportunity to grow and learn. It is a chance for us all to find direction in our lives. It is a moment when we can all just stop and enjoy the calmness and serenity that you rarely find in an artificially created group like this.

We recently had the blessing of meeting some hugely talented musicians that welcomed us onboard our new floating home with open arms. They took the time to show us one of their favourite places in our ports.

Here are some pictures from the most beautiful hidden gem in Helsinki.

‘Café Racatta’ is a converted Fisherman’s Lodge perched just next to the waterfront. It is just a stones throw away from one of Helsinki’s most famous landmarks ‘The Sibelius Monument’ but you would be forgiven for walking past without really noticing its worth. It contains reasonably priced Hot Chocolate and Coffee – with Free refills!! – and a plethora of ‘Brick-a-Brack’ and assorted Trinkets sporadically yet meticulously placed throughout.

Here are some snaps from the day…

Martin Headshot 1-6190Martin Headshot 1-6199Martin Headshot 1-6209Martin Headshot 1-6222Martin Headshot 1-6223Martin Headshot 1-6372Martin Headshot 1-6375Martin Headshot 1-6385Martin Headshot 1-6387Martin Headshot 1-6388Martin Headshot 1-6390Martin Headshot 1-6401Martin Headshot 1-6417Martin Headshot 1-6423Martin Headshot 1-6426Martin Headshot 1-6436Martin Headshot 1-6451Martin Headshot 1-6453Martin Headshot 1-6463Martin Headshot 1-6465Martin Headshot 1-6473Martin Headshot 1-6476Martin Headshot 1-6480Martin Headshot 1-6489Martin Headshot 1-6491


Good friends and Coffee. What more could I need?


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